Can't find Stuart McLean's "Dave gives up smoking"
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A friend in Canada heard Stuart McLean on CBC's Vinyl Cafe telling his story about Dave giving up smoking, and recommended it to me as hilarious. I have scoured the internet searching for this story, finding only a catalog of Vinyl Cafe broadcasts which lists "Dave attempts to give up smoking" on 23-Feb-2002, repeated on 17-Aug-2002 and 30-Oct-2004 as "Dave gives up smoking." I cannot find this story listed as a title in any of his books or CD recordings. Sadly, CBC radio podcasts are only available for the past 4 weeks. Does anyone know where I can find this story, either in print or audio?
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Found this. (Search the page for "quit smoking".) It gives the date of the program.
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Best answer: Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe Diaries (book) has a story called "Walking Man" wherein Dave quits smoking. I'm pretty sure that's what you're thinking of. I own it and just checked. Unless there are two stories about Dave quitting. Which is possible.
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Sorry, another link. "Walking Man"/Vinyl Cafe Diaries is what you're looking for.
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As far as I can tell Walking Man hasn't appeared on any Vinyl Cafe CDs.

I have all the podcasted shows going back 18months+ (when they started podcasting) and don't see that story in any of them.

The book that heavenstobetsy mentions is the way to go. It is a good story.
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I'd try contacting the CBC Archives with information from nosila's link. The CBC will mail you a copy of the transcript, been a long time since I've done it so can't recall if there's a fee though. You could also try searching the CBC Archives that have been digitized here.
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Response by poster: Many thanks for the quick responses, especially heavenstobetsy for identifying the name of the story. I will be buying the book next time I'm at Amazon.
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