How to control airfoil remotely, possibly on iphone?
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I know of only one app (remote buddy) that claims a plugin that would let you control airfoil on a mac remotely via an iphone but it does not work very well. Is anyone else doing this?

Plan is to have a few airport express units in different rooms, and i would like a way to tell airfoil to switch between audio inputs (itunes, pandora, radioshark, etc) without going to the machine itself.
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Well, you could either stream everything through iTunes and just use the Remote app on the iPhone. That would be easiest. Or you could set up a VNC app on the iPhone so you could select the different Airfoil options that way (accessing the mac's desktop from your iPhone).

But controlling Airfoil directly would need a custom app, which I don't believe exists. I haven't seen or heard of Remote Buddy.

If porting everything through iTunes doesn't work for you, the VNC app is an easy fix. All you're trying to do is select different inputs on the Airfoil program without physically getting up and walking to the computer, right?
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How do you port things through iTunes?
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Response by poster: I guess I could use something like icecast to stream to itunes from multiple different sources - but then you dont have functionality like airfoil provides like streaming to their airfoil speakers app
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