What are some film scenes involving clapping?
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What are some films with scenes involving clapping/applause?

Can you think of films with scenes in which clapping or applause is prominent and integral to the plot? I am helping compile a montage of scenes involving clapping (like Orson Welles at the performance in Citizen Kane or the "slow clap" in Not Another Teen Movie) and your help would be greatly appreciated. I asked a few weeks ago for scenes with locks/handcuffs and got a great response here.
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Rather more screaming than clapping, but the audience response in 'Hard Day's Night' could be argued as important to the plot.
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The slow clap at the end of Cool Runnings.
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Clockwork Orange?
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The Witches of Eastwick has a scene (early in the movie) where Jack Nicholson is sleeping and snoring through a classical concert, then wakes up right when the players are done and gives a maniacal standing ovation (with everyone else in the audience applauding normally).
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In Carrie, right before the crazy hits the fan, there is an extended slow motion clapping scene.
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At the end of Titanic, there was a scene with clapping.

This is not meant to be an endorsement of the movie Titanic, which was utter crap. Utter, utter crap of the crappiest sort.
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Mrs. Henderson Presents is pretty audience-centric. Nothing like a theatre-full of soldiers cheering for naked women.
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Peter Pan!
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In an innovative variation on the traditional clap, the "golf clap" was introduced in the 1990 film, Men at Work.
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Animal House during the 'trial', the Delta's clap and harrumph before they walk out. But you don't see much clapping ...
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The finale of Napoleon Dynamite? Or any movie with a talent show in it, basically.
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Mr. Holland's Opus
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Any given romantic comedy, when the two, met cute, protagonists get past the misunderstanding.

Also, Major League has two guys doing the wave. Come to think about it, any sports movie.
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Again, a slow handclap scene at the end of Strictly Ballroom.
(and hey, someone else has seen 'Men at Work'!)
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The King of Comedy (applause is all in his head, that crazy Rupert)
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There's some uproarious applause in this scene of Scent of a Woman. Also, in Rudy when he returns to the field, there's one of those slow clap deals.
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Well, it's been a while since I've seen it, doesn't the 'Oh Captain My Captain' scene from Dead Poet's Society feature them all clapping around him?
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The Joker's (ad-libbed) clapping in prison in The Dark Knight.
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lemonade: I don't think so, actually; looks like it's applause free (though, incidentally, I do like the fact that in one of the final shots you can see that it's not the whole class, just roughly half, the rest being too cowed, which keeps the schmaltz meter from going too far into the red).

There is a bit of clapping in this scene, though.
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Here's another. Not sure what movie it's from, tho.
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Slow Clap compilation.
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Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure. At the end of their History Project.
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Some great applause towards the end of Rushmore, after Max's play. This vid cuts off most of the applause, but it goes on for a while after this ends.
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I thought the scene was very moving in Reservation Road when Jennifer Connelly and Joaquin Phoenix applaud at their daughter's music recital .
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Several examples in the Star Wars series including "This is how liberty dies - with thunderous applause"
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There's a great one-man-claps-then-another-man-then-standing-ovation in the Coen Brothers' Intolerable Cruelty. Not perfectly crucial to the plot, but part of the pivot point for the main character's development (or, er, not).
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At the end of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dr. Frank-N-Furter walks out in the "I'm Going Home" song to an audience standing up and applauding.
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Note re. my comment above: that Intolerable Cruelty scene is used in the Slow Clap compilation posted by Happy Dave (it's the one with George Clooney walking through a crowd).
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In An Officer and a Gentleman, the factory workers applaud as Richard Gere carries Debra Winger out of the factory. I think there's also a scene in Working Girl where Melanie Griffith gets applause from her co-workers.
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You need to check out the ending to The Tenant. Super duper creepy and awesome.
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Not a film, but the finale of the first season of Dexter ends with a great internal monologue by Dexter to an imaginary cheering crowd.
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TVTropes has a lot of examples covering various contexts:

Sarcastic Clapping
Slow Clap
Clap Your Hands if You Believe
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There's the slow clap and stick-tap from Mystery, Alaska.

The "They gained a yard!" clap and cheer from Little Giants, I felt was pretty pivotal.
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I haven't seen it in a while, but I think the original The Manchurian Candidate had a plot point related to applause.
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From Casablanca: "Play La Marseillaise. Play it!"
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Guy Maddin's Saddest Music In The World has a plot that hangs entirely on audience response.

Also, Isabella Rossellini as a double amputee with glass, beer-filled prosthetic gams.
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If you're gonna pick one from the Star Wars series, I'd go with the medal ceremony at the end of the '77 original, even as a bit of a prequel apologist.

(When adjusted for inflation, it may be the most widely seen applause scene ever. Unless there was one in Gone with the Wind...)

And if you're gonna pick one from a sports movie, how about the Naked Gun, with umpire Enrico Polazzo?
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