Convention with Baby...Where to stay in Portland
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We will be attending a convention in Portland (Oregon Convention Center) with a young baby. Looking for a place to stay that is conveniently located, has a kitchen(ette) and not a million bucks.

It is important that the place have a kitchen so that we can cook for ourselves and the new little one. A hotel, apartment, house, vacation rental...anything will work.

We need to sleep 2 or 3 adults (may bring grandparents along to help out) so 2 bedrooms would be great, but not necessary.

We don't want to be too far from the convention center -- so that if we need to meet back up during the day it will not take too long. Public transport would be great.
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Near the Lloyd Mall there is a Residence Inn.

I have biked and driven by The McKinley Coach House a bunch of times. It's on a residential street so it' should be fairly quiet if you're concerned about that.

I've stayed at this Residence Inn a million years ago, but it's corporate and so probably fairly standard. The Kinley Manor looks pretty nice when I bike by, but I haven't stayed there.
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I stayed at that Residence Inn a few years ago for a conference. It was perfectly nice. We had 1 king and a pull out sofa and that was fine for 3 grad students. We mostly used the kitchen for breakfast, but it was full sized and functional for more than that. The walk to the convention center isn't bad, or you can walk due south and get on the light rail (free in that area) and ride for 2 stops. The only real downside was that there weren't many restaurants in that general area, but there are plenty near the convention center and along the light rail.
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I also stayed at that Residence Inn, back in January, and it was great. Large, clean, a fireplace in the room (which you probably won't need if you're going soon), and a nice kitchenette. Although I did have to walk a ways to my room from the lobby/parking lot, so if I had a baby and all the accompanying equipment (stroller, etc.), I would probably request a room a little closer to the front of the property.
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Brooklyn Center Suites is less conveniently located than the Residence Inn mentioned above, but is nice and quite inexpensive.
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The Mark Spencer in downtown is across the river but right on the MAX (train) line. I stayed there once and it was pretty cheap and has kitchenettes.
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Thanks everyone...we will check all of these out. I had heard about the Mark Spencer but had not had a chance to see how close it was to the MAX...we will check that out too.
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