Restoring calendar functionality in Outlook 2003 (updraged from 2000)?
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My office just upgraded all of us to Outlook 2003 and I've lost functionality that I found very helpful. In Outlook 2000 I was able to display both a portion of my Calendar as well my Tasks in the main view of my mailboxes. I've gone through numerous options to find this functionality, but no luck. Any suggestions for restoring said functionality?
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I assume you have your folders listed down the left side of Outlook (or somewhere visible)? Do you have something that says "Outlook Today" in the list? If so, click on that to highlight it. Then click on 'View' -- 'Show folder home page' and you should be rewarded with what you seek.
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Response by poster: suchatreat - I do have my folders visible, though no "Outlook Today" option in those folders, as it was with 2000. I can get to "Outlook Today" in other ways. But I'm still not seeing anything that looks like "Show folder home page".
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Bring up the Outlook Today screen again and click the "Customize Outlook Today" button in the upper right hand corner. All your settings are right there.

You can get to "Outlook Today" most easily by clicking on the "Mailbox -- Your Name" in the Mail window in the left pane.
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Response by poster: briank - not exactly what I was looking for, but thank you. I have found the option for exactly what I want, but it's apparently only available in the Calendar view. Go figure. For reference, it's available by clicking on the Calendar, going to the View menu, and selecting TaskPad.
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Well see that's something I didn't even know I was looking for until it was there. Thanks FlamingBore!
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Response by poster: My pleasure bDiddy. I live to serve.
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