Unexplained breast pain
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I had a particularly painful mammogram in January. There were no problems with the results, but after a few days I started having pain under my right breast. I thought it was a soft tissue injury, but it won't go away. Any ideas?

It's a dull pain when I exhale. It doesn't feel like it's in my breast, but rather under it. I was about to make an appointment with my GP a month or so ago, but then I went on a beach vacation, and the pain seemed to go away. So I figured it might be stress related, but now it's back. I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor next week, but has anybody experienced anything like this?
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You could always go to an urgent care clinic and see if you sprained, strained or otherwise stressed your ribcage.
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I know someone who had a rib broken during a mammogram - go get seen.
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Response by poster: It's true the pain was a lot worse in the first few weeks. But the mammogram was in January - even if they did break a rib, would it still be aching now? I've never broken a rib so I don't know how long the pain usually lasts. Can it become chronic?
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I've fractured ribs before and it took almost a year for the dull aching to go away. The last few months, the aches would only occur if it was about to rain. But I feel like you would have had more pain in the beginning. The first 3 days after my accident, I was bed-ridden and then for the next few days it was really hard to get about the house. It took a month for me to even be able to go back to work and even then, I had to take it easy.
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