What song repeats "bailando" over and over?
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I'm looking for a song I heard in Costa Rica during the summer of 2007. I think it was raggaeton in style and repeated the word "bailando" over and over.

All I can remember is that when they said "bailando", they would start at a higher pitch, and descend to a lower one as they stretched out the "o" sound at the end. The song was in Spanish.

Apologies, googling doesn't help as "bailando" ("dancing") isn't exactly uncommon in music.

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The "bailando-oh" sounds like (YouTube link) Ella se entrega by Tego Calderon.
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Best answer: It is called "Machucando" by Daddy Yankee. It was one of the top "reggaetons" around summer 2007.
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Best answer: Orlandop has it, definitely sounds like Daddy Yankee's Machucando, though it came out a couple years before 2007. I remember having it pounded into my head in Honduras during my brief stint there in 2005-2006. To its credit though, it's no Gasolina.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you so much, that's the song. It's really nostalgic to hear it again.
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