Which t-shirt manufacturers manufacture in the US?
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american apparel is getting the glory, but what other t-shirt manufacturers make shirts in the US? i think there are several in LA alone, but i don' t know where to look for them.
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A google search for "T shirt made in usa" brings up this page, which lists ten US manufacturers other than american apparel. subpixel--
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A couple of useful search terms to get you closer are union-made and sweatshop-free.
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I've been buying medalist stuff from rei recently. altho lately it seems that only the outlet part of the store is carrying it, and less and less.

rei's own brand (generally made in the usa or made in canada of us fabric) is also a good source of various undergarments. but as they are mostly synthetic/technical tend to be more pricey than normal cotton stuff. but I've been finding that this sort of clothing regulates temperature much better than cotton, dries almost instantly, and can be much softer than cotton.

the canadian analogue to rei (sorry can never remember what it's called) is also a good source of labor-minded clothing.
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the canadian analogue to rei

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