XP Pro x64 SP2 non-responsive on the domain
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Windows XP Pro x64 SP2 on hp dv4-1430us loads and run's slow on the domain but not when I log on locally.

I have an HP Pavilion dv4-1430us running windows XP pro x64 SP2 and my problem is that it takes 7 minutes to login onto the computer when I log onto the domain. Then it is extremely no responsive when it is on the domain and it takes 5 min for word and excel to load. The computer is so slow on the domain I can walk away and come back and it will still be loading.

When I log onto the computer locally it takes 30 seconds to load windows (after I login) and programs open without any latency at all.

I have tried fixing asyncronous loading of networking during the boot up process as described in this article to no avail.

any advice on how to fix this latency issue?

I asked the network admins and they were perplexed and told me something to the affect of we are busy and we will get to it later unless you can find a good solution online that we can try.

the domain controllers and dns servers are w2k3sbs

please help
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What does the task manager report? Anything using the processor a lot?
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1. Are you absolutely sure the DNS record is correct for the TCP/IP settings on your NIC?

2. If you have antivirus/firewall software, have you tried disabling it before logging in? You'll probably have to use msconfig and disable some AutoRun entries to be certain they're completely "turned off."
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Best answer: 1. Could this be a case of profile corruption? Log in as a local admin and rename your user directory under Documents and Settings. When you next log in you'll get a nice fresh profile. Log-off and log back in to see if there's any difference in load times. When you're done you can just delete the new profile and restore the original.

2. I've found that ccleaner magically fixes some weird long load time issues.

3. Have you tried logging in on another domained computer? Any difference in load times?

Good luck.
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Response by poster: @ damn dirty ape: When I opened the taskmanager it was what was using the CPU 100% and did so until I closed it. When I opened word and then the task manager they would both use at least 50% of the CPU

@ Civil_Disobedient:
1. I have the TCP/IP and DNS settings on the NIC set to automatic just like all the other computers on the network.
2. I turned them off and rebooted and stil have that issue.

@talking muffin:
1. This was it. Thank you so much it worked. Naturally I did this one last but it worked amazingly well. Thank you.
2. ccleaner didn't help
3. I tried that and it was way faster which led me to try number one and it worked perfectly.
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