Clear skin in the Emerald City.
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Can you recommend a dermatologist in Seattle who is likely to prescribe Accutane when I ask for it?

I am aware that the brand-name drug has been discontinued since it is no longer competitive with the many generic options, but I'd only buy generic anyway. I've been on Accutane before, and it worked fabulously, but I had to cancel the course due to emergency surgery.

I couldn't do another course before I moved to Seattle because I wouldn't have been in that city for the full five months. Now I'm in a new city and looking for a new specialist!
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A friend went through Accutane treatments with Mercer Island Dermatology (, they were more than happy to get her into the program. Not technically Seattle but 5 min down I-90 is pretty close...
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Ulrike Ochs at Virginia Mason.
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I finished a course of Accutane about a year ago with Dr. Lawlor and can't recommend him enough.
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