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Where can I see Dr. Who stuff in or around London?

My wife and I are recent (new series) Dr. Who fans, and making our first trip to London in early September. I've checked out http://www.doctorwhoexhibitions.com but it looks like we just missed an exhibit in London. Of the other locations, Coventry seems the closest, about 1 hour out - has anyone been there and is it worth the trip?

Being that Dr. Who is apparently quite popular in the UK, is there anywhere in London apart from the 'official' exhibitions to see Dr. Who stuff? (The ideal is that we can get a Stephen Colbert-style picture with our Dalek friend).

Bonus question: We're also Mighty Boosh fans, so same question but for the Boosh or any other nerd-related British TV shows.
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Best answer: Have you looked at doctorwholocations.net? Search on the map for 'London' and devise your own walking tour?

I've often been amused by the Fat Tardis in Picadilly Circus, myself.
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Best answer: If you're in the area, there is a blue police box right outside Earl's Court Tube station.
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Best answer: Hi, this place specialises in Dr Who merchandise... it's on the strand:
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Best answer: The BBC offers tours of its' Television Centre and studio facilities. In the outdoor cafe where people wait, there's a TARDIS where people can pose.

In the main reception of Television Centre - which anyone can enter - there's a Dalek you can also pose by. ;)

Cardiff - where an awful lot of Doctor Who is filmed - is just two hours west of London from Paddington station. A train ticket there will cost you around £60. In Cardiff, there's also the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition
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Response by poster: Great answers so far, everyone! We did consider doing an overnight in Cardiff (to see the museum and the big square where the TARDIS refuels) but that might be a little extreme for this trip.

I'm very happy to hear about the Dalek, thanks almostwitty! I wish I could award best best answer.
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If you're going on a trip anywhere, I'd recommend Cardiff over Coventry, just because the Cardiff's more interesting*. You can get to Cardiff and back in a day from London, but it would be a long day.

* Unless you've also got an interest in cars and/or badly planned post-war reconstruction - in which case Coventry would be just up your street.
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Response by poster: In case anyone is reading this for a future trip - we went by the BBC Television Centre lobby, but they have removed the TARDIS and Dalek! Apparently you can see a Dalek if you take the official tour, but I wasn't interested in paying 11 pounds per person to see a Dalek plus a bunch of sets for TV shows I've never seen...
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Response by poster: Oh, and Sci Fi Collector (whose sign actually just reads "Stamps" as far as I can tell) has an inflatable Dalek outside, which was very huggable.
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