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songfilter: I heard the fragment of a song years ago and it is a long shot. Hope me!

I heard this song years ago like circa 1999-2000 in the bay area and thought it was by Janis Joplin but no dice on the phrase lyric, "I just want to make sweet love to you" Style is similar to R&B Blues of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings and Joplin's Move on Over.

I am horrible in tracking down music and hope that the powers of the green are strong enough to provide artist and song.
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Etta James' I Just Want to Make Love to You?
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A little off time-wise, but Fantasia from American Idol did a Joplinesque version of the song "Good Lovin". Here are the lyrics, the Youtube doesn't work for me. I have the mp3 and can upload it if you need to hear it.
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Etta James has a song called "I Just Wanna Make Love to You." She has that belting, foxy delivery Sharon Jones has.
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Believe this may be the same song as Etta's, but you can hear the Muddy Waters version here.
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Response by poster: I thought it might be Etta but there are no strings in the version that I heard. It was also more fast paced.

I definitely would like to hear the Fantasia version.
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Joanna's Connor's cover of "Make Love to You" by Willie Dixon maybe?
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Response by poster: I believe it is the same song, bur definitely different artists. It seemed kind of stripped down with no heavy metal guitar or strings and more reliant on the woman;s ripping voice.

Thanks to everyone getting me the song.
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