Careers about making life simple
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What are some careers that involve making life simpler?

About a year ago I discovered the field of human factors and usability. I'm taking the steps to pursue that field, but I've been noticing some other career fields that are related in that they strive to make things simpler, more efficient, and/or easier to use. Some examples:

- usability specialist
- interface designer
- interaction designer
- human factors engineer
- ergonomist
- information architect
- industrial engineer
- technical writer
- professional organizer

Can you guys come up with any other career fields like the ones above?
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Lots of writers and editors fit this category: all about simplification.
Designers of most sorts too: architects, graphic designers, industrial designers.
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Life coach/declutterer
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closet organizer

church pastor / preacher
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Process Engineer.
Transportation/ Urban Layout (Civil) Engineering.

...and then there is an anecdote I heard from an old contractor a while back:

"If you want to find out the easiest way to get something done, hire the laziest, most worthless daydreamer you can find. Give him something to do and watch how he does it, fire him, then hire a solid worker and show him what you learned."
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Urban Planner
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any teacher or instructor.
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I'll go the opposite of the spectrum and the real basic roles that make life easier/simpler... Errand runner, dog walker, babysitter, personal assistant, landscaper, house cleaner.
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Meditation coach?
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Any number of DoD think tank professions:
Systems analyst
Operations research analyst
Professional logistician
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I have used my library degree to get jobs with titles like "taxonomist," "information architect," "user experience designer," "usability professional," and "interaction designer," and really, the basic principles of information organization, task completion, and findability are the same.
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