Help dress me! (For a themed party).
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I've been invited to a themed party with the following costume rules: Invasion, conquest, exploration, assimilation, sovereignty, or superheroes who save the world! and I have no idea what to wear. Any ideas would be awesome. It's tomorrow night, so I don't have much time to get stuff, and something warm would be preferable (it's damn cold right now).
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Suit + Fedora + faceless mask = The Question

The faceless mask would be the only hard part, but you could probably do that with some flesh-toned lightweight material. Ask at a fabric store to see?
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maybe panty-hose for the facelss mask.

i like it, this may be my next halloween costume
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If you have a beard, just get some fake furs, boots, and a horned helmet. Nothing says exploring and conquest like Nordic warriors. Bonus, get an awesome enough hammer, and you can go as Thor. Nordic deity and comic book superhero! In that case, you can swap the beard for blond hair.
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Dress as a bureaucrat: Claude Rains from the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia'.
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Clark Kent: blue suit and horn rimmed glasses? Safari suit = any number of British explorers, tomb robbers, rubber barons.
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Rorshach costumes will be popular this year, I imagine. Easy to make, and as a bonus you can talk all funny and be grumpy. He also has what is probably the coziest outerwear among (anti)heroes.
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Response by poster: I like the idea of going as a bureaucrat, it seems very fitting.

Any other suggestions for things other than heroes? I'm keeping that option as my safety for now. Toying with the idea of Monkey Magic...
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A friend of mine went to a party dressed as Saddam Hussein - brown shirt and pants, a big moustache, a beret and a foam/duct tape WMD (pic).
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Warm explorers ... Scott, Nansen, Hillary?
The last being a superhero as well, of course.
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The aliens from V (the miniseries, not the Alan Moore comic) went around in some natty orange boilersuits that look quite warm. Paints some green scaly skin on part of your face and you're good to go as an invader.
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Viking invaders/explorers also wore some warm gear, I'd imagine.
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Wear a lot of pink. Say you've come as the British Empire.
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Get a Wacky WallWalker or similar squid/octopus like thing.

Attach it to your head. Congratulations! You are now a Drone to some parasitic extra dimensional invader.

If someone asks what's up with your costume, stare at them blank eyed and croon, "It's bbblllliiiiiiisssssssss..."

Extra points if you can acquire more squids and get others at the party to wear them.
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nthing the Viking Outfit. But at random points, you need to look at people and say "What's in YOUR wallet?"
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The Borg.
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Alternatively, a Beatle.
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If you splurge go as a Roman. Instructions here for a toga. Definitely either senatorial class or even of the imperial line.

I would also suggest a bluesman. The blues has certainly made its way through the world as a musical genre and being the king of the blues allows for a lot of smack talk amongst would be royalty at the party.
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Go as someone dying from smallpox!
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A third world dictator - with ridiculously large hat, sunglasses, 800 medals... etc.
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Tail, Mickey ears, whiskers? Go as a Norway Rat!
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