2002 Volkswagen Cabrio GLX Trouble Code P0261, P0264, P0267; Cylinder 1-3 Injector Circuit Low
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VW Cabrio Filter: 2002 VW Cabrio GLX, in the Californian heat experiencing: Trouble Code P0261, P0264, P0267; Cylinder 1-3 Injector Circuit Low, upon start-up (requiring a second turn of ignition). Is this related to battery voltage (avg 13.50), or other. DIY solutions please. Thanks! :)

Have CarChip so can record data and provide data, reset engine light. Thanks again.
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Response by poster: Intermittent occurrence.
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Only google fu -- but .. this post seems to suggest there is some relay that powers a series of components -- though -- no resulting "THAT FIXED IT" post.

This post also mentions some of your error codes, and a successful fuel pump relay replacement.

It sounds like a $40 part (https://www.1stvwparts.com/partscat.html -> 1J0906383C) if thats the right part.
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What's your VIN number? I think I can look it up for you via official channels.
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Is this causing a no-start/hard starting by the way?
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Response by poster: This is causing the occasional no-start/hard starting. Engine light is active only post no-start.
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I looked at the DTC table for your vehicle and, unfortunately, most of the test descriptions are probably available through the VAG shop scanner (pretty typical). There wasn't a listing for P0261 (VW 16645).
There aren't any TSBs for this problem, either.
But, I'm looking at your wiring diagram, now.
All of the fuel injectors get power from the same source, J17 Power Supply relay (or commonly, Fuel Pump relay). The ECM switches that relay on when it sees circuit 15 (key on) and that relay powers up the injectors and the fuel pump. The injectors get a common power source and are grounded individually via the ECM when they're commanded to fire. A fat red/blue wire comes from J17 and goes into a harness. From that harness, four individual smaller white wires supply each injector with power. The other wire from the injector (black with a green, gray, red, and blue stripe respectively) goes directly to the ECM.
If your Power supply relay is failing, you will definatly get hard starting since the fuel pump will be under powered and the injectors aren't getting enough voltage. On your fuse/relay panel J17 is #12 (the most bottom right relay).
However, if you have a bad ground, that would also cause a similar problem. We just recently diagnosed a TT with similar hard starting. We initially suspected a bad J17, but diagnosis revealed bad ground. The main ECM ground in the Cabrio is in the Engine Compartment Left (under the battery.)
There's a CHANCE that the injectors could be going bad, but it's weird to see it happen to so many of them all at once. A systemic fault usually isn't a conincidental simultaneous failure. It's usualy a failure of something common to the elements of the system. Check your relay by removing it, and supplying power and ground to the solenoid pins (the little ones) and listening for a loud click. Under the conditions that would normally cause hard starting, jump power accross the spades vacated by the removed relay. Bridge power from one large terminal to the other and see if that corrects the verified hard starting.
Also, remove your battery and check the ground connections under the battery tray. That fender area is a prime corrosion location.
If you need anything else, just let me know and I'd be happy to help or talk about any of the diagnostic data you gather.
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