Suggestions for kayaking spots around Chicago
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Need suggestions for places to kayak around Chicago.

Having tried kayaking on the Chicago river in the city a couple of times, I'd like to explore spots that are out in the wilderness, more scenic and ideally no more than a 2-2.5 hr drive from the city. Also I would need to rent a kayak.

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Two places on the Fox River, which is pretty gorgeous:



(I've canoed, but not kayaked, from the second one.)

You can also kayak the Kankakee River, which is also supposed to be very beautiful. But it may be farther than you want to go.
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this calls for the nippersink canoe trail! not sure how many rental kayaks are available. a bit more then 2 hrs, but worth it.

the des plaines river would be okay, but mostly suburban views. lower salt creek--from bussee lake to the des plaines would be a bit better. the west branch of the dupage woud also have what you want--it's somewhat scenic until naperville. none of these places--with the exception of the des plaines have any kind of easily accessable commercial rental.
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Best answer: You can also kayak the Kankakee River, which is also supposed to be very beautiful. But it may be farther than you want to go.

The Kankakee is pretty nice. We always rented from Reed's Canoe Trips when we went for Boy Scouts. The highlight would be bouldering around the Indian Caves, where the Bourbonnais Creek cascades down a series of waterfalls and caves to join the river.
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I have heard wonderful things about the Skokie Lagoons, but I've never kayaked there. The Fox River Preserve is pretty. My Dad keeps his boat there and pilots it from the Fox to Lake Michigan from time to time.
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I'm taking a kayaking class with Chicago River Canoe & Kayak. We were out paddling last night, and Ryan, the guy who runs the place, told us about how great the Kankakee River is.

I'm sure if you give him a call, he'll give you plenty of suggestions.
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This site (linked by supersquirrel) has all the info you'll need.
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