Sailing in the Mediterranean?
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Sailing in the Mediterranean?


My partner and I are considering buying a trawler style boat with the intention of exploring the Mediterranean. Ideally we'd spend any where from a couple of nights to a week at each port/marina depending how much we liked a particular place.

My question is
a) Is this doable, ie do marinas off short term berths
b) If so how do people book them?
c) If so does anyone know what the average berthing costs would be for say Andalucia, Almalfi coast, Greece, etc.
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As you can see, no-one from the countries you are interested in is bothering to answer, as everybody is out sailing.

Seriously now, it sounds perfectly doable here in Greece. In the few times I've gone sailing, we never had to book for berths in advance, though your mileage may vary in busy places during peak season.
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I spent three years sailing around the Med in a 40 ft sailboat some years ago. It was while the EU was being formed, so there was no €. One had to clear in and out of each country, but no doubt things are much better now.

I remember Greece as being particularly bureaucratic! Are you starting from an EU country, which will make it much easier? Marinas may want you to have full insurance and of course there are many more of them than in my day. I always preferred anchoring out. You can stay for one night up to over wintering somewhere.

What size trawler? Anything over say 45 feet will be expensive. I'm sorry I cannot quote any figures.

Memail me for more out of date advice and good luck!
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I can strongly recommend the Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising by
Rod Heikell by Rod Heikell. I see it is up to date (July 2008). I had a well thumbed copy.
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Here is a link
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