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Ladies with Fashion Sense, help me out! How should I wear this shirtdress?

So, I picked up a nearly identical shirtdress from H&M over the weekend, but I don't know exactly how I should wear it. I'm doing 3/4 length leggings underneath since I don't do shorts.

However, I don't really know how to accessorize it. Shoes? Jewelry? Other accessories?

Help me out!
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Oh, also, that girl is waaaay thinner than I am. So the dress will be rather more form fitting on my body than on hers.
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With leggings? Ballet flats and a few chunky bangles.
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If you're wearing 3/4 length leggings, you could also wear it with pointy flats like these (I think these shoes would look weird without the leggings), or with flip-flops with thin straps. (By the way, the Havaiana slims are the most comfortable flip-flops I've ever worn.)

I also dig the long necklace the model is wearing, or you could definitely go with the chunky bangles. Just don't wear both at the same time; it could be a bit much.
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How long is it on you? It looks like it could be quite short on the outsides of the thighs, but models tend to be taller than the average lady. If it's not too short to wear without leggings, I'd suggest wearing it with sandals, simple flats, or loafers on warm days. I recently bought these loafers, and I think they'd look great with a nice shirt dress. I'd recommend trying to move away from the leggings if possible-- leggings and shirtdress-type tunics were such a big trend in 2007 and 2008 that you risk looking a little late to the party.

In terms of summer accessories, big chunky bright necklaces are all the rage this summer, and will look great with a crisp white shirtdress.

In the fall and winter, it'd look great with tights, a pair of riding or cowboy boots, and a cardigan.
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If it is baggy at the waist and you want to look curvy still, get a nice, wide belt. I find those dresses can look potato-sack-y otherwise.
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I'd advise against driving moccasins like those linked above or ballet flats. I think they'd look too casual, and maybe even frumpy if you're not model-thin or 19. I think a more structured shoe would be better -- pointy-toed flats, mid-calf boots, or nice (flat) sandals.

I agree with the wide belt -- that's how I do my shirtdresses. You can also use a scarf instead.

Is the dress you bought identical to the photo in that it has a shirttail hem (uneven along the bottom like a man's dress shirt) and falls straight instead of having a fuller skirt? If so, you'll want to take it more in a boho or cowboy direction with jewelry and shoes.
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I think cowboy boots with bare legs would be great, or, for hotter weather, some kind of fabulous Grecian sandal that wraps up the calf.
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Treat it like a dress - no pants, I think. The breezy styling shown here on the Sartorialist, would work a treat...
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FWIW: My wife -- who is awesome -- says, "low belt, big watch". I'm not 100% sure what that means, but perhaps it's some female code that you'll understand. She also said, "PS: Gladiators," which I assume means something about a battle.

Or shoes.
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I'd wear that with moccasins and flowy hair. It looks beyond comfortable....but sexy short.
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If you have the balls to rock a little denim mini-skirt, that dress would ROCK with one underneath, just visible through the shorter parts!
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It's adorable if you have nice legs, want to show them, and wear some leggings underneath. If not, don't try it because you'll just feel self-conscious.

This might also be unflattering on a person who carries weight in the middle, because of the belt. But again, nice legs make this very sexy.
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This dress is very popular in NYC right now with the young beautiful people. Personally I don't like her boots, and it isn't exactly boot weather anyway.
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