Font facsimile help, O font nerds?
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Help me identify this font or find a reasonable facsimile, please.

The title "VISIBLE EVIDENCE" here. I need to get a print-quality version of it with the XVI, and the webmasters are not able to help.

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It looks like a distressed version of Franklin Gothic Compressed or perhaps Extra Condensed (see here). This is really close, but it's not the same. It is possible that someone started with Franklin and munged the letterforms using an effect in Illustrator or something.

Unfortunately, I got over 6800 hits searching for "distressed sans serif" on that website.
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Identifont suggests FF Kipp No. 3 by Claudia Kipp. It's not exactly the same as yours (it's better IMO), but it'll run about $55.

On DaFont, I found this NeoTrash, which is a distorted futura clone.

More to be found for at DaFont. Warning, fonts may be crappy/corrupted.
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Response by poster: You know, I've got a reasonable facsimile at least now, with Boilerplate Extreme. Thanks to luriete for the lucky link!
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It’s a derivative of Helvetica, not Franklin.
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