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Looking to be in London this New Year's Eve and see the fireworks show. I know the crowds will be huge but it there anyone who has found a simple view point area that also has a tube station? What is the wrong thing to do? Bars up high that look out on the Thames maybe?
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Anywhere along the Thames in central isn't too far from the tube, so that's not really a problem - it's well served on the north by district line and south bank by jubilee (jubilee slightly further from the river, about 20 mins walk between stations max, ymmv)

Be prepared for crowds, obviously, and if you're doing it the cheap way and can stand it get there late afternoon and bag a spot along the river.

Alternatively, if you know anyone who works at Shell or PriceWaterhouseCoopers their offices are around embankment/waterloo area and overlook the thames - a long shot but worth mentioning. The London Eye may be worth investigating - though maybe it closes for this as sometimes they launch stuff off it - as might the Royal Festival Hall which does have a bar overlooking the river. UCL's student union also has a great river view if you know any students/postgrads. There are also a few boats with bars on them, all will charge, but HMS President is particularly well placed I think.

Have a great time in London at NYE, it's expensive but fun!
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The London Eye generally closes on New Year's Eve afternoon so the fireworks can be set up.

There's the Oxo Tower, which has both a restaurant and a bar, though I imagine both or either may be booked out for private parties, if they are open at all. I'd email them and ask.

Although not as classy, King's College Student's Union has a great view over the Thames from the North Bank. You don't have to be a student to get in on a regular Friday or Saturday night, though I can imagine this might change at New Year.
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Primrose Hill is a bit further north and has excellent views across central London. It's about 10 mins. walk from the nearest Tube station. It's basically just a park, though, so no bars or posh toilets, and you may have to share the hillside with neighborhood druids.
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Tate Modern has a nice bar on the 7th Floor which looks out over the river.

Primrose Hill is great for watching fireworks and even just the London skyline. Be prepared to have to wee on a tree though.
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The problem with the tubes is that they don't run immediatly after the fireworks. Around waterloo, that is on the south-bank, which has the most open space close to the thames is a very popular place to watch. However, the crowd control is strict at the end. Be prepared to wait for a good while before you can get on a train.

I've watched it from just underneath the Eye before which was great fun. But if you're not one for standing around in the cold for several hours it may not be for you.

THere are several cruise boats that hold partys, I have never taken one myslef, but a quick googling confirms there are several companys.
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