Print highlighted text in Word 2007
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Is there a way in Word (2007) to highlight a text string and then have the highlighting print out also.

In other words, I want to be able to print a document with every instance of say "Extra Strength" highlighted on the printed page. That way I can scan the document as I am reading it and see where and it what context these words appear.

I can use Find to highlight the text on the screen, but can see no way to have it print. I searched the help function and Googled it, to no avail.

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Do a find + replace. Enter the text string in the Find field.

In the Replace field, enter the same text string. Select 'formatting.' Under formatting, you'll either be able to specify the style of the text (change it so that it's got 25% shading), or select 'Highlight.' (I'm not sure if 97 has the Highlight feature. That may just be on newer versions.)
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You could use the find and replace tool to highlight all occurrences of the string and then print with highlights in place.

Enter your find string. Click the replace tab in the find tool. Click in the "Replace With" field. Click More at the bottom of the dialog box. Select Special>Find What text. Select Format>Highlight at the bottom. Click Replace all.
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dammit...too slow (however as verified in 2007, you can select 'highlight' from the format dropdown)
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I was going to come in to suggest the highlight feature as well, only to see mudpuppie do you one better with the Find + Replace idea.

Seconded. And Word 2007 can definitely highlight.
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Damn, thirded, then.
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Response by poster: Thank you all
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