Boston spa recommendations?
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Need recommendations for a great day spa in Boston.

My friend and I are having a girls' weekend in August and we'd like to go to the spa for the day - have pedicures, massages, maybe a wrap. We're looking for more of an "urban oasis" than a salon/spa setup. Proximity to good food is a major plus, but that's not too tough in Boston. This is yet another time I wish there were more American equivalents of the onsen or sento, but the results when one googles "Asian spa Boston" are NOT what we're looking for!
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My wife has enjoyed going to Le Pli at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square.
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The Spa at the new Madarin Oriental Hotel.
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Le Pli has excellent services, but it's not the best choice for a group pamper-fest (mostly because of the layout).

I hear great, great things about the Mandarin Oriental spa, but haven't been there myself.

G2O is a good choice for a group pamper-fest.

If you really want an "urban oasis" experience, there's also Inman Oasis, which is more of a hippy-dippy hot-tub-and-massage place, but no manis or pedis.
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Wow, I guess I'm a hippy-dippy hot-tub-and-massage kind of girl! Inman Oasis looks perfect.

Thank you so much, everyone, for the help!
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Seconding Inman Oasis. It's a great place run by good people.
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