Oh nuts, it is Bookfinderfilter time again.
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Do you know what short series of children's mystery-type books I am vaguely descibing?

Specifics (I am using that term LOOSELY)-

- 4 book series
- protaganists are 2 or 3 siblings
- first 3 books take place on summer cottage-type island
- siblings spend their summers on the island with their grandparents (referred to as Grams and Gramps) who live there year-round.
-4th book is set at the siblings' new house, which is found to have secret passages.

Vagueries (less sure about the following) -

- series naming scheme takes form of "BLANK of the BLANK" (example: SECRET of the FOREST)
-may have been conflict with "locals" on the cottage island.
-a raccoon may have been knocking over garbage cans.

Um... help?
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A long-shot, but maybe the Adventure series of books by Enid Blyton? It does differ in quite a few significant details from what you remember though.
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The Liza, Bill & Jed mysteries by Peggy Parish? They are "almost triplets" and solve mysteries like Clues in the Woods, Keys to the Treasure. I loved these books when I was a kid (and Peggy Parish also wrote the Amelia Bedelia books, but these are aimed at slightly older kids).
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BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Thanks a bunch, Caz721. Closing a Bookfilter is like scratching an itch you've been feeling for years. Or like solving a mystery involving disappearing table scraps. Either/or.
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