Oh, THAT'S how you republish the same material.
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Do you know of a newspaper or magazine that publishes to both the web and print and posts a PDF of the print version on their website?

I'm looking to compare and contrast how publications publish the same material on the web and in print. Obviously the websites are easy to find, but even for publications that do post PDFs of issues, they can be hard to find on their site. So if you know of a publication that has a website AND posts a pdf of their print issue, could you post the link to the website and print pdf, please? Thanks!

I'm looking for newspapers and magazines, subject matter or language doesn't matter.
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The Pioneer Press of St. Paul does it. Print, PDF.
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Best answer: The Fader and Xlr8r magazines both publish print editions and have downloadable PDF copies. I believe the PDF for each is the same as the print edition.
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The Metro chain of newspapers used to do this but changed over recently to standard web content. It was horrible, if you had an article in the paper there was no way to get blogs to link to it online, you had to get a screen grab to repost elsewhere and have people link to that.
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Best answer: Trace
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The Guardian web and "exactly how its printed."
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Response by poster: the pdf is a month behind current issue to give subscribers their money's worth.

And where do they hide the PDF of an issue?
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See Press Display. Not exactly what you're looking for, but it's still an amazing resource.

The largest newspaper network I'm aware of that provides PDF versions is The Metro. Click any city/country to see the paper displayed, and find a link to a downloadable PDF. Here's my local paper.
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Ah, there's the Metro PDF. That's really all they used to have, now they have a more standard web format that goes along with the reader.
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English WikiNews

You didn't specify whether the PDF needed to be free so - strategy+business magazine does this, with the PDFs under "Reprints". I was always struck by the fact that even at the very beginning in the early-to-mid nineties, basically in the Dream Time of the web, they already had everything worked out so that all of the exact same content was available between their site and the paper magazine. (The HTML versions of articles are free and early on the PDFs were too.)
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Response by poster: Free would be cool, but I'm not opposed to paying a small fee.
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Best answer: Also, MetroActive newspapers, PDFs (Unrelated to The Metro.)

The Toronto Star used to offer The Star PM, which was just recently killed. And last year, the Ottawa Rush Hour stopped being offered by the Ottawa Citizen. Both StarPM and RushHour were launched in '06. Instead, Canada.com now offers all Canadian dailies in an online viewer format. Each can be downloaded and read using Press Reader, which is installable software from the aforementioned Press Display.
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Financial Times. PDF.

Also, at some point the Daily Telegraph went over to Press Display format. It used to be available in PDF.
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The Guardian web and "exactly how its printed."

Also, G24: free, regularly updated PDFs from the Guardian.
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The New Yorker does this--they post some of their articles online for free and the entire magazine in--well, it's not exactly a PDF, it's a "digital edition" that is all around incredibly annoying and inconvenient, and it also requires a paid subscription, but it's equivalent to a PDF in that it preserves the exact layout of the printed magazine.
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Free daily papers from D.C.:

The Express: website and link to PDF version.

The Examiner: website and links to print versions.
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Best answer: Does the online content have to be specifically PDF? Paste Magazine offers digital editions.
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Response by poster: Digital Editions are ok, though I don't understand why publications do them, feels too limited and controlling.
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The State in Columbia, SC has a website and a pdf of the actual newspaper. They offer a free one day pass on the pdf, but after that you have to subscribe. The link to the pdf is in the very top banner on the website.
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Best answer: Chicago's free daily, Red Eye posts the print edition as a pdf. Here's a link that should work. If it doesn't, just google red eye pdf.
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[On further clicking around, the Paste digital editions offer a PDF download, if that will help you at all.]
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Best answer: Make
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Not sure if this is what you mean, but my hometown paper, The Telegram, offers a Smart Edition (you might have to "subscribe" but you can do so with a free, six-day trial).
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Before and After Magazine; their target audience is graphic designers and each issue focuses on a particular design problem/solution.
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Also Zinio has a bunch of examples.

And 3D Issue offers a free trial of their digital magazine software if you want to experiment with your own material. Samples of some magazines who've used this software are here.
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