Recommend a very experienced tailor in Boston/Cambridge area to make my suite look awesome on me.
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So I just bought this suit from MACY's. I already have a tie and pocket square in mind to match, and I want to meet with someone who can take my measurements and make the suite bring out my best features. I'd also like to have them suggest the size French cuff shirt I should wear as well.

Preferably this person would have tons of experience and would not be too pricey. I'm thinking this should be under $60, as this is an off the rack suit and only slight alterations are being made.

Thanks for any help
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Dude, why don't you go to Macy's and ask one of the salespeople to help you there. That IS their job. No joke, no snark.
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Also agree. Or, go to a tailor. Be aware though, I bought a suit that cost over 200 in tailoring for: cuffs, jacket back, sleeve length adjustments. But, I've never had a suit fit me better. I've also spent $80 at Macy's getting a suit tailored, which doesn't fit me as well.
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Oops, didn't read that you were looking for a specific tailor. Try macy's anyway though.
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Have you tried looking on Yelp? Be sure to find a real tailor, not a dry cleaning place that also does alterations.

The amount you'll need to pay doesn't vary with whether it's off-the-shelf or better. It comes down to what alterations you need. If the suit jacket fits at the shoulders, drapes well, and fits right around the chest and abdomen, then the most you'll need to alter is the sleeve length and the length of the jacket. I like my sleeves to extend just past the wrist. This lets about 1/8" of the dress shirt cuff to show when my arms are down.

You got the pants with the suit right? If the fit well at the waist (snug but not tight), then possible alterations include adjusting the seat if it's too billowy, the calf width, and most likely, getting the bottom of the legs hemmed (shortened). The length of the pants comes down to personal preference. I like my pant legs at a length that just rests on top of my shoes. I think it looks neater than when the pants sit in a pile on shoes.

As for shirts, go back to Macy's and ask the salesperson in the dress shirts area to measure your neck and spine-to-wrist length. Based on those two measurements, they should be able to start pulling shirts in your size. Ask for white shirts in multiple brands - different brands have a different shape and fit even if the measurements are the same. The shirt should be fitted but not tight. Be sure to button up to the top to make sure the neck size works since you're planning on wearing a tie.

You'll have a harder time finding French cuff shirts as those are less common than traditional barrel cuff shirts.
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Macy's may have a tailor on staff. Ask there first.
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There used to be this suit store in Boston called "Simon's Clothing" at 220 Clarendon. Now, that's been replaced by another similar men's store called "Frank Stella." However, I believe that the tailoring staff remains the same (you may want to ask about that), and I've been very happy with the work they did in adjusting my suits (both bought there and elsewhere).
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I am really sorry you bought this suit. Ralph Lauren is not a quality menswear brand for off-the-rack, I bet that suit will last two years, max. I don't recommend wearing it with a french cuff shirt. Get some good white wrinkle-free shirts from Brooks Brothers with the tradition one-button barrel cuff. No one wears french cuff shirts except people who also wear a lot of gold jewelry and the Prince of Wales.
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Raymond the Tailor
160 Federal St.
Boston, MA 02210

Tel: 617 737-2500

He does full bespoke suits and has done alterations for me. He isn't cheap, but you don't want cheap, really.
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If you must get french cuffs, get cuff links. Those little knot things (aka "monkey fists") look douchy and unprofessional.
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Yeah, the Macy's here in San Francisco gives referrals to outside tailors. Try giving them a call.
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Last time my husband had a suit tailored, it cost $100. So, $60 may be too low.
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Nth-ing the tailoring suggestions above, and adding one related note: please for the love of God don't buy a colored (especially blue) shirt with a white collar and white cuffs. There is nothing that looks more pretentious in a suit than that crap.
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