Learning Management System with Active Directory Support
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I am looking for a (preferably Opensource / free) Learning Management System that will link up with LDAP / Windows Active Directory

The company I work for is looking to roll out web-based "exams" on subjects such as desktop security for a certification we are looking to hold. Ideally the software will limit a user's permissions to do many things until they pass the exam/test. I have heard of such software, but I cannot recall the name.

Currently our network setup is on a windows domain, using windows server 2008 active directory to manage user groups. I can set up a box for whatever operating system / webserver / databasing required as i have a few spares here at the moment.

In addition to the above, the software needs to generate some kind of file indicating which users have completed the test and which have yet to do so.

If you have a better idea on how to roll out such a thing, well... any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated
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You want Moodle.
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Yup, seconding Moodle.
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Sorry, I should clarify: Moodle is an opensource LMS that is LDAP capable. It has a quiz module as well as a lesson module: both can be used as a test taking device. Moodle also has role assignments and various tools for checking in on students.
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Thirding Moodle, we use it at work and it works nicely with LDAP.
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I'll just buck the trend a bit and recommend Sakai. While Moodle is an excellent product, I find Sakai to be a little more "grown-up".
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input guys, ill take these to my project manager today and see if any tickle his fancy. Moodle is looking like it will do almost everything we want without too much setup fuss, but if you have any last minute suggestions, they are always appreciated :)
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Response by poster: Issue Resoled!
My apologies on the long turnaround on an update. Long story short: Moodle won out.

I presented a very quickly installed moodle onto a windows 2k pro box we had lying around, on top of an XAMPP stack. He went for it. Development commenced on the project very quickly, and now we have a new employee that was hired specifically for the purpose of development and training via moodle, trying to keep it up to date with the various processes that are constantly changing, as it is now incorporated into our ISO documentation.

We now run it on a proper server, CentOS along with the full LAMP stack, and is fully integrated into Active Directory. We now have it set and configured along with our firewall such that if people are not up to date on some of their more "buisness critical" courses and quizzes, their entire web experience can be summed up by redirections to the Moodle server. The overwhelming success of the project has helped me out, and given me a name in the company as someone who "Gets it Done!"

Thanks again to all who provided answers. Always appreciated :)
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