Where can I donate a car to be used for auto repair training?
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I'm looking for a charity that will take a non-operational car, use it to train people in auto repair by fixing it, then sell it or give it to someone that needs a car. This is in the SF bay area.

I realize that the tax law no longer treats car donations favorably, and I'm not really interested in how much of a deduction I get. Nor does it matter to me what the charity is, as long as it's for what I think is a good cause.

I'm mainly looking for two things:

(1) that the proceeds from the car's sale (or the car itself, if not sold) go as much as possible towards the charitable cause, as opposed to a middleman; and

(2) that the charity provides disadvantaged individuals with an opportunity to learn a marketable skill by teaching them for free or at a reduced cost how to fix cars, and specifically the car being donated.

I seemed to remember a radio ad from a few years back when car donations were all the rage describing a charity operating according to just this scenario, but I don't remember it and all my web searches have only turned up organizations outside of California. Thanks for the help.
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Consider high school or college shop class, and firefighter extraction and/or extinguish training.
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If you've found organizations that do exactly what you're looking for, chances are good that they're familiar with the community of such organizations, and they could probably direct you to a group in California, if one exists.
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As a reference point, if you donate to the American Foundations for the Blind, their middleman says "A minimum of 65% of the sale price is turned over to the charity." (I looked it up because I was curious.)
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