Universal "Now Save"-style autosave utility for OSX?
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[Mac] Back in the System 7 days, Now Save (part of the defunct Now Utilities) allowed for configurable autosaving. Even though NowUtils was often a buggy nightmare, that autosave was such a handy feature, especially after a crash. Despite claims to the contrary, modern applications and OS X still do periodically crash and the unsaved work gets disappeared *groan*. Although a few applications offer their own autosave option, VersionTracker shows no sign that a universal utility exists for OS X. Any suggestions for a good substitute?
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Best answer: Hmm, I know you're looking for a global auto-save—that is, you set one preference and then every savable app auto-saves (or prompts you to) every X minutes, but... I couldn't find anything either.

The closest thing I could find was Keyboard Spy which looks like it does something similar to NowSave's text capture feature; something that saved me more than once.

In a semi-related vein, it looks like the upcoming Tiger may sport some sort of easy auto-save, but only at log-out. Again, not quite what you're looking for...

(By the way, I used to work at Now and if you thought we got calls about NU, you shoulda heard the ones we got about NowFun!)
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