Name That Outer Space 80s Black & White Adventure Game
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Name-That-Game Filter: Trying to remember the name of a late 80s/early 90s black & white "adventure" game. Involved outer space.

In grade 2 or 3 ('89-'90 ish), I remember playing a black & white "adventure" game on my school's Macs. I say "adventure" because it didn't have dialog, inventory or anything like that. Very much a Hypercard adventure, a la Myst.

It was in black & white, took place in outer space (sort of). I vaguely remember friendly, sorta cutesy aliens. Interaction was mainly going around a small planet with a house on it and other things of that nature. I don't remember there being any real kind of plot or goal, it was just roaming around from screen to screen.

This is kind of a weird longshot, but I'm hoping someone will remember the title (or at least have better Google Fu than me). My memory of it is pretty vague, but I might be able to remember other details if prompted. Thanks!
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Cosmic Osmo?
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Here is a list of graphic adventure games, if it helps jog your memory at all.
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I was also thinking Cosmic Osmo. It was the first game on CD I ever played.
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the colony

have a poke around yourself.
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Cosmic Osmo does seem likely. A few screenshots here.
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You're definitely talking about Cosmic Osmo. Great game.
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That's it, Cosmic Osmo! Awesome, AskMeFi never fails to disappoint. Thanks all!
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