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Can I outsource my IE6 CSS? Kinda like a PSD2HTML, but more IE6 Bugfix"R"Us.

Earlier this year, Tim Van Damme put out a blog post that called for an IE6 Bugfix "R" Us service. The idea is that you'd outsource your IE6 specific CSS to a company specializing in such.

The post made the blog rounds, and I sort of remember a service popping up shortly thereafter that did exactly that. Anyone remember what that was? I've googled with no luck, and I don't believe it was a general service like PSD2HTML - I'm pretty sure this was a definite IE6-FIXERS company. Any help?
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If you have a design that's working everywhere but IE6, you might try using ie7.js, which is a JavaScript library that makes IE6 behave in a more standards-compliant fashion. You can wrap the script include in a conditional comment so that no other browsers but IE6 will download and use it.
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IE7 (the javascript behavior library, not the browser) will often cause IE6 (the browser) to choke, hang and crash.

Just make sure IE6 containers (particularly for floats) have layout (zoom: 1).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far, but they don't really fit my current needs. I'm aware of IE7.js and the like, they usually only go so far (not far enough). And I can take care of IE6 myself, spending the time putting together a conditional stylesheet for IE6 - but I don't want to. It'd be cheaper (and way less painful) for me to outsource the hours involved. Thus the original question.
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The guys at Litmus used to have this service, back when they were called Sitevista. I don't think they are offering it now.
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