How do I check that my phone's contacts are safely backed up?
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How do I locate the contacts I've just sync'ed from my smartphone (Windows Mobile 6.1) on my PC?

For a friend:

I've just installed ActiveSync 4.5 and have apparently successfully sync'ed my Samsung Jack to my PC.

I'm going to need to do a hard reset on the phone to solve some other issues (corrupted ringtones) and want to make sure that the sync'ed contacts are complete and intact. It's important that when I reset the phone, everything is there to import from backups. I'm terrified of losing the 500+ contacts in my Mobile Outlook.

Where are the contact files transferred to? They aren't in the file I've designated to receive all photos, sounds and other files.

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If they have outlook installed, they should show up as contacts. So check there first. After that, I'm not sure, as I sync my contacts with hotmail.
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Should be in Outlook.
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If you want to be sure of not losing your stuff on the phone, look at something like SPB Backup, which will do a complete or partial backup/recovery of your phone's system state and data to a data file. You can import and export the contacts from that as well.
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