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Before I turned to the Suede-side and only wore Puma sneakers, I used to have a really cool pair of Adidas. I want to find out what they were called, and if I can still buy a pair.

Back in the Australia of the late 1990s I had some neat Adidas kicks and they were so comfy that I want to buy another pair (if they still make them, that is).

I can't remember the model/style name, and none of the pictures at the Adidas online store or sneakerhead.com or zappos look like what I remember. I used to wear them skating, and they kinda looked like a Superstar II, but instead of the rubber shell toe, they were fabric and the fabric was made out of 4 or 5 pieces to create a top, left, right and front box-section. I vaguely remember the toe being really thick and re-enforced, but I could be imagining things.

Mine were a beige colour, with a white rubber side on the bottom, and a tan sole. They were hellishly ugly, with a reasonably thick tongue, I think. I stopped wearing them when I discovered the Frankenclyde (which is still the single most comfortable sneaker I have ever worn, way more so than the original, but they too are now hard to find) and forgot about them, until recently, when I saw some new Superstars and though "Hmm, the look kinda like what I want to wear now, maybe I should get a pair of those old ones?"

But, alas, I can't unless I can remember the name.

Does anyone have any idea what they may be called? Or know of a website that lists (with pictures) all of the Adidas models of the past 15 years or so? (I have looked the the Adidas Original store, superstardb.com and tried Google Image search all to no avail).
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Not Adidas Gazelles, were they? That's probably my all-time favorite Adidas shoe, coming up just ahead of the Samba.
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'friad they were not Gazelles. There was no single piece of material from laces to toe on the ones I had.
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Rod Laver?
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The Norton is close, but it's not it.
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After Googling "nrtn" and "skate" I found it! It was the Norton! Thanks box!
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