What movie trailers am I thinking of?
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Searching for two half-remembered movies (or rather their trailers). One is about killer robots, another about an assassin(?) in a noir SciFi environment...

First movie:
This one's quite old (several years), but it has been bugging me for a while. As I remember it it was a CGI(?) or stop-motion(?) sequence of three robots in a bunker-like structure they had to protect; they were supposed to kill a human intruder and played rock-paper-scissors to find out which one got to go, with one robot holding up a bladed hand and complaining "I can only do scissors". It's tormenting me that I cannot find out more about this sequence since the idea of deadly killer robots bickering had struck me as quite imaginative, and I always wanted to know more about where it came from.

Second movie:
A trailer I saw some months ago, focusing on a very Dark City-like setting. The hero(?) wore some kind of white cloth or latex face-mask which tied at the back, covering the full head when worn. It's not Crying Freeman or Cassherrn, although there might have been some acrobatics or fancy shooting involved. And it is definitively not Rorschach from Watchmen.
There was a certain artsyness to the trailer, some element of style that had stuck with me and made me want to see the movie.
Sorry if that's not much to go on, but I keep mixing in memories from different other movies if I try to remember more.

I'd be grateful for any ideas, tips and possible corrections to my feeble recollections...
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I'm assuming #2 is not the famous Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta?
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Response by poster: Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell: Nope, sorry, that isn't it; that was another one of the movies that kept interfering when I tried focusing on the one I wanted (googling "masked hero movie" brings up a plethora of movies that are close enough to try to insert themselves). Thanks for trying, though!
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Best answer: Is the second one Franklyn?
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Best answer: Is #2 Franklyn?
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I think The Signal trailer put me in mind of Dark City, they go on about the setting of the city of Terminus in it, and the plot is about a signal causing everyone in the city to go mad on new year's eve. Sadly the film is dull as.

There is a fairly recent chidren's film that was set in a future/inderground city that might also be what you're after for film2?
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Was #2 The Spirit?
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Are you absolutely sure the first movie was not "Edward Scissorhands"?
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Response by poster: ninebelow, Artw: Yes, that's the one!
I can finally put that one to rest and stop searching for latex mask movies on the interwebs. Thank you so much!
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