Looking for a professional web-based proxy service.
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Looking for a professionally run web-based proxy service to test localization and internationalization of a web site.

There are a million proxy services available today, all of them targeted at people who want to watch Hulu from outside the US or the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. I don't need that - I am looking for a very simple one that I am willing to pay for. Let me describe what I want and please tell me if it exists!

I am testing localization and internationalization for a product. To quickly check if things are working as planned, I'd like to go to a web page that would let me enter a URL on a form field, select a country, click submit and I would see that URL as someone accessing the internet from that country would see it.

For example, if I enter http://google.com and select Singapore, I'd see the Google Singapore home page.

Bonus points if:

* 100-plus country in the selection list
* Supports SSL
* Proxy forwards my user agent along with my request, so I can use different browsers
* Premium, professionally run service with top-notch availability and customer service

Feel free to discuss non-web-based solutions (Tor, etc), but they are more complex to implement and since I am behind a very restrictive proxy, it might not work for me.
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Gomez Monitoring Network might solve your problems. I'd give them a call anyway.
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Can you just set your browser user agent to be that of what you want to test?
In firefox, go to about:config. In the filter box, enter general.useragent.locale.
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