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Where can you have sex (together, as a couple) in NYC when you can't do it at your place? In our case, it's hard to get wild when the babysitter is taking care of our baby daughter in the other room. We don't want to pay $150 for a hotel room when all we need is a couple of hours. What are our alternatives?
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Does the baby have a grandma or aunt and uncle or any other such doting relative who will take the baby for the afternoon or night?
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I think you are going about this all wrong. Seems like the better question to ask ( for simpler and cheaper options) is, "Where can you send your kid and the babysitter in NYC for a couple hours when you want to have sex (together, as a couple)."
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Make plans for the babysitter to take your child to a museum, to the park, to a music class for infants, etc. When I babysit, I'm usually happy to have something pre-arranged to DO with the kid that involves leaving the house. Then you'll have the house to yourself and you can do as you please.
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Also, if the kid really is a "baby", what's wrong with having sex while the kid is sleeping in another room without a babysitter? While listening on a baby monitor of course. I suppose if you want to get really wild (that is, very loud) it won't work since you might wake the baby.
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My place, $125. Don't worry, I'll go out!
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What's your level of risk tolerance?
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The vestibule at St. Patrick's?

lol, thinkpiece!
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There's a by-the-hour hotel for that kind of thing on the West Side Highway at 14th street called, I think, Hotel Liberty. I've never been inside but I doubt it's very clean or salubrious.
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If you have a car, Fort Totten Park in Queens is legendary for this sort of thing.
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I believe the St. Marks Hotel has hourly rates.
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I'm not sure if it's still there, but La Semana Inn on 24th Street used to charge $70 for three hours or $170 for the night. There are jacuzzis in most rooms.

Also, if you have access to a university library, there are always the stacks.
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Errr...I am fortunate that I have only been to the La Semana with the woman who is now my wife, so I have nothing to fear from sharing this knowledge with the internets, but it occurs to me that this post would get a lot more replies if one could comment anonymously. I'm a NooB so I'm shy about posting to the grey. Just sayin'.
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OH! OH! OH! Here's a neat idea: there are several time-shared studios that you can get into, where artists and/or musicians chip in to rent a space and split the cost several ways (a few hundred per person, per month). Craigslist might have some info on this for you. If you need to bone a lot, this may be cost-effective, but you should probably have a good cover. I imagine some people wouldn't be too keen on turning their creative sanctuary into your love shack.
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Have keys to your office?

If the girl wears a skirt the back of a cab is easy and usually welcomed by the cab driver. Particularly fun in the daytime.

The sauna in the gym.

Many golf courses or country clubs have secluded and at night empty parking lots.

Long Island.
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If you don't have a car a 1 day weekend rental can be less than a movie for two when you consider you won't be driving it much.

As for cover for mds35's idea: bring a camera, a few blankets, a prop or two and your an artist doing nudes. No ones says you actually have to use any of the stuff but the blankets at least would come in handy.
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I spent the night once at the Carter Hotel. I'm not sure you'd want to, though,
but I thought I'd include some mention of the place anyway. Best of the Web, and all that.
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For serious, availablelight and bonheur had the only sensible reply so far. Though I do like the needless sneaking around of many of the other responses.
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