Minor but annoying Firefox problem
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I'm using Firefox 3.5 (on Leopard). Whenever I re-open FF, it remembers my tabs as it should, but there's a catch. All of them will "load" forever without actually doing anything unless I go to the location bar of each and hit enter. Hitting "Reload all tabs" doesn't work, instead it makes them all go blank. Also, until I switch to another tab and back, the URL of the first tab doesn't even appear.

At first I thought the Fast Dial extension was causing this, but I disabled it and still have the problem. However, the problem seems to go away when I disable TMP and enable Tab Kit (so it seems it's TMP-related). I would simply use Tab Kit, but there are a few things in TMP that "I just can't live without."

I also just switched from TMP's session restore to the Session Restore extension to fix another minor problem (which it did), but that didn't help this one.
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Best answer: You're using the latest version of TMP? The last release version (unless the Mozilla plugin site has been updated in the last day or so) doesn't play well with FF3.5.

TMP from the developer's site works OK on FF3.5 here (Macbook, OS X 10.4.something) with a bunch of other add-ons, some of which previously didn't play well with TMP.

(To be honest, TMP is a bit of overkill for me, so I might just take a look at Tab Kit and see if it'll suit my needs ;-)
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Try a new clean profile (move your old profile folder somewhere else for the duration of the test), then install the same extensions you use now. Still acting funky? Occasionally I find that old settings cause problems with newer releases. It's a pain to rebuild your profile but might be worth a try.
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Response by poster: I should have thought to try a dev build of TMP... I've done it before when it wasn't compatible with the latest Firefox beta. I guess I didn't think of it because I've set Firefox to keep using "incompatible" extensions, which really hasn't caused any problems but this.

Making a clean profile is a good idea, but it seems the dev build of TMP fixed my problem... maybe next time, thanks anyway.

Tab Kit is a good extension by itself, the main thing that makes me use TMP over it is TMP's option to "open in this tab." For most of the other things I think if I really examined my TMP settings I could make it work, but why do that if I can just use TMP. The one advantage that Tab Kit has is tab groups, which are pretty convenient. I've partially replaced that with the Chromatabs extension, but while I'm thinking of it I'm going to look for an extension that lets me make and collapse tab groups like Tab Kit.
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