Identify this odd, seemingly antiquated children's card game?
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Identify this odd, seemingly antiquated children's card game?

I have been steadily digging through the boxes of junk that have survived my last two moves un-dug through. In a box full of childhood toys I unearthed a deck of cards featuring a very dapper duck on the back. On the face of each card there are printed four descriptions of objects.

While I do recall being aware of these cards in my youth, I have no recollection of where they came from. I'm assuming they're a part of a game of some sort. For some reason, I am now obsessed with figuring out their origin. So...anyone have any idea?

I've posted an image of the cards here.

Here are some examples of the text for those who don't feel like clicking through:

Example Card #1: "a plate of beans / a knife and fork / an old hen / a teacher's strap"

Example Card #2: "a broken umbrella / a can of milk / an old maid / a dozen eggs"
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Best answer: It's called Dr. Quack. There are two listings on etsy for it, here and here.
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Here's a blog post about it.
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Response by poster: Twenty minutes later, and that's it. Your first link appears to be the same version I have! Thank you!
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... a plate of beans?

This must spread through meet-ups.
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