Good places to "hook-up", as the kids say, with women in the Boston or Providence area?
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Good places to "hook-up", as the kids say, with women in the Boston or Providence area?

I am 30...recently moved to Boston after getting out of a long term relationship. Painful breakup etc. Trying to get my mojo back and hoping to meet some women to, shall we say, have some fun with. I don't want to trick anyone into thinking its a long term relationship etc. Not even saying I want this point even a make-out session would be a think of beauty.

I can't ask people at my new job for advice because they are all older (50ish) and married. Not to mention I feel slightly embarrassed asking about "hooking up"...but yeah that's what I need in my life right now.

I am 30 and fairly average looking. Also a bit on the shy side...not terribly so but a little.

So any advice?
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Go to a swing club. It's more honest, people are 100% adamant about safer sex, and nobody confuses it for anything more than what it is.
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Jesus. It's a bit of a leap from "where are the cool bars?" to "swing club." Casual sex != swinging. And also, for the record, it is often very difficult for single males to gain access to such clubs anyway. Not a good solution.

Anonymous, what you're looking for is usually a bit easier for women than for men but I'm pretty sure it's doable. I'd be happy to suggest bars but I don't live in that area anymore.
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i know a couple of local folks who use craigslist personals for no-strings fun.
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Go to the bars on Lansdowne street, just watch out for the under-agers.
It's not the classiest or best scene Boston has to offer, but it's got what you want-- singles scene, people who are just out for a night of drinking and fun etc.
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I've never been to the Boston area, but I'm pretty sure it's universally good advice to never say "hook up" to any woman... ever.
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I have a friend in Boston who has been doing this exact thing via Craigslist with great success. Hopefully someday he'll write an anonymous tell-all book, because the stories are hilarious :P
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Craigslist is almost too skeevy even for this, try or various other dating sites that have causal sex sections.
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