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I am designing new letterhead for a small tech company. Does anybody know of any websites that show current/cool letterhead designs from which I can steal ideas? (Hey at least I'm honest). (8.5x11 inch)
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A google search for "letterhead templates" returns lots of awesome links.
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Also as I recall from my more design-y days there are huge books of this kind of stuff, examples of all kinds of letterhead, business card, etc designs. Your local library might have them, though damn if I know where to look.
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Visit a magazine rack and look through design magazines like Print. It might be helpful to know that design magazines often refer to letterhead, business cards, etc. as "collateral".
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Go check out the design critique board at www.typophile.com. The annuals of magazines like Print, How, Eye, Communication Arts etc. are also a good place to start.
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Go to a large bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble and look through the art and graphic design section. There are several books with just letterhead and business card designs.
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