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On Geir Jenssen's (AKA Biosphere) 2006 Album Cho Oyu 8201m - Field Recordings From Tibet, the song "Summit" features a speaking sample near the end where someone named Boutros calls in on a two-way radio and warns the other party of an oncoming typhoon. The next-to-last line of the conversation is "The good king in his infinite wisdom declared the two-way radio illegal in the mountains." Where is this sample from?
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I think the album is exactly what it says it is -- meaning he recorded the samples himself in Tibet.
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Response by poster: Thanks, advil, I've been thinking about that. I know the vast majority of the samples are, but this one has (to my ear) some vague movie-soundtrackish things going on in the background and sounds added in whereas everything else is pretty raw. The more I think about it, the more I think it might be an English dub of an obscure foreign movie, hence not showing up on Google. Any other ideas, Hivemind?
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the only info i've seen about this track is this:

'Summit'. Low on batteries, feeling good. This recording is delicately processed.

there's more info on the touch website:


thanks for asking this q. i've heard lots of biosphere, but not this one. tracking it down now...
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i'd actually suggest that you ask him. i dated an electronic music producer for awhile. he often replied to emails and was always flattered to get them. since it's still not "mainstream" music, even the most wellknown people typically aren't drowning in fan mail.
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