What is the Name of This Tornado Doc?
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Inspired by this thread, I am trying to remember the name of a tornado special that aired, I think, on HBO several years ago.

Around six or seven years ago (I believe, it might be older) I saw a documentary on HBO (again, I could be wrong about the channel but it definitely aired on a premium, no-commercials movie channel) about F4 and F5 tornadoes in the United States. It was made up mostly of interviews with eyewitnesses, rescuers and survivors and almost all of the storms profiled were relatively recent. There are several bits that I remember clearly but the story that stands out most is the story told by a rescuer who found an elderly woman in wreckage. He had a cell phone on him and was able to contact the victim's family so she could speak to them one last time. There was also a story about a nurse who lost her son and a church that was totally destroyed except for one hallway which was where the church's occupants chose to ride out the storm.

Thinking about it now, it could have been originally produced for public television but if memory serves there was plenty of language that wasn't censored so I'm thinking it really was a cable production.

I've searched and searched but I cannot for the life of me seem to find it. Anyone remember what it was called?
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Response by poster: Thank you! It was driving me craxy.
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