Need new couch cushion covers.
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Where can I find replacement cushion covers for my couch.

We have a great couch, but the covers for the two seat cushions are ripped to hell, with the foam inside now totally exposed. The foam itself is totally fine, so I'd rather not replace the entire cushion, just the cloth cover that goes around the outside of each peace of foam. Color is not an issue, since we have a slipcover that goes over the entire couch. I just need 2 simple, sturdy, 33x24x7 cushion covers to cram the foam into. Try as I might, I can't find anything like this on Google. All the links I'm getting are either for slipcovers that go over the entire couch or for covers for throw pillows. Help!
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You're probably not going to be able to buy these readymade, but here are two options:

1. If you know the manufacturer, sofa style, and size, contact the manufacturer for a quote, as they may have templates for the covers. Even with these details, this may or may not work, depending on how long ago the sofa was made (the style may have been discontinued), whether it was mass produced overseas (in which case the manufacturer may not be able to supply parts), or if the sofa was customised (if you have the original bill of sale that lists the specs, that will help enormously); or

2. Contact a local upholsterer or sofa manufacturer - many will make replacement covers if you provide the original covers to be used as templates. Make sure you shop around for the best price.
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You could call a few local upholstery companies first to see what they'd charge. It will probably be more expensive than you'd want it to be, but it would be worth it because this sounds like it would have to be a custom project and it would be easier if you could bring in a cushion to the shop. I'm also wondering if you found a church craft group (many have them) there might be someone who could do this for you at a good price. There are many people out there who sew as a hobby, and cushion covers wouldn't really be that hard to sew. Etsy or Craigslist might be a good place to put in a request too.

There are some websites that seem to sell custom cushion covers, like this one.

If anyone ever needs to replace or upgrade a cover for an Ikea couch or chair, this company has some nice alternatives to heading back to the Ikea store for a slipcover.

Not much information here, but previously.
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