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Getting from Benicassim to Madrid.

Speaking no Spanish, trying to get three bus/train tickets from Benicassim to Madrid on the 21st July, arriving before 19:00, is proving virtually impossible.

Can anyone point to a website in English where this route is available, on that date for that time?

Many thanks for any help which you can offer.
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Rail Europe is an English language site for booking train tix throughout Europe.

I assume you'll be at the Benicassim festival next week? You might want to try the unofficial English fans site for more info on your options for travel and accommodations.
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Best answer: Renfe, the Spanish rail system, has a site available in English. Search for your train at the top left, click "buscar" (search), select your train on the next page, click "continue", and there's a simple booking page with address/credit card info. Here is an exhaustive guide in English to booking on the website from probably the best non-commercial rail site out there, Seat 61. Follow his instructions and you're golden. Print out your tickets at home.

As the mid-morning direct trains are sold out, buy the journey as two separate tickets on the Renfe site:

1) The earliest (and the only one that works for you!) train from Benicasim to Valencia is at 08:04 and gets in at 9:07. It's €6.10 each.

2) From Valencia, take the 11:25 (train "ALARIS 01415") and get into Madrid at 15:14. There's another train at 14:20 (train "ALARIS 01445") which gets into Madrid Atocha at 18:05. These trains are €46 each.

Have a great trip!
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! Managed to get the tickets, averting disaster.
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