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Okay, I'm in Kansas City with a group of people for a workshop and we have a wide age-range. Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night many of us would like to have some fun! Most of us are staying in the Olathe/Overland Park/Lenexa area and aren't sure where to go. Here's what we're looking for. (inside)

We have really three age groups that might each like something a little different. This question is really geared mostly for the singles among us.

Guys ages 21-35 - Think testosterone and ladies. (They're all straight as far as I know.)

Guys ages 35-55 - Think sit around and talk old times, maybe listen to live music and maybe the testosterone is still juicing. Come to think of it, a lot like the first group.

Guys ages 55-67 or so - Think something not very loud and not as likely to want to be on the prowl. Though, no doubt, some are! Come to think of it, men are men.

Can you tell we've been bored for 4 days?

So Is the Power & Light district worth the drive and crowd? Is there anything in Johnson County that would be busy with lots of fun people, music, beer/drinks? Of course there has to be. But what are your recommendations?

Thanks in advance to all of you! (I told a big group this afternoon that I knew "someone I could ask and they're sure to know" - wink wink)

By the way, the Kansas City area is great! Nothing like most in our group expected. This is a first-class city all the way around.
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If you want to go somewhere quieter, P&L is likely out. Too many crowds and lines to get into places.

I'd suggest Boozefish Wine Bar, Grinder's Pizza, or Charlie Hooper's in Westport.

If you're willing to drive to Lawrence, the options open up a bit for you guys. You can go to Henry's to chat people up, Replay or the Bottleneck to listen to music, and Louise's Downtown for a breather. Plus, Lawrence bars are smoke free. I'm not sure if Kansas City, MO has passed their no-smoking ordinance yet.
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Also, The Plaza.
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Is Westport still happening? The Plaza is a great shopping place - love it - but there are nightspots there? That might be a good option.

The younger ones I'm sure don't care if it's loud or not. We don't all have to go to the same places either.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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Kansas City Roller Warriors are having a bout tomorrow.

No idea where that is in relation to where you are, but "roller derby" is always going to be my answer to "what can we do for fun?"
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Westport is still happening, there are tons of places there that are relatively quiet until 11:00 or so, then the crowds come in and the whole area is loud until the bars shut. Yes there are some spots on the Plaza. Tomfooleries is there, as is Granfalloon. I've been to and enjoyed both places often in the recent past, though the atmosphere in both places can vary as in any bar.

I don't know if Qudos is still open, but I have a couple of friends who really enjoyed it as a place to chill and talk.
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Thanks, Science!
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I'd definitely skip P&L-- if you ever been to a Cordish Co. entertainment district in any other city, then you've already been there anyway. It does a decent job of being what it is, which is guys in muscle shirts and girls in short skirts grinding to Vanilla Ice. It has it's place, I'm just guessing it's not your place...

P&L opening has done a great job of making Westport enjoyable again. The Foundry has great beers on tap, Blayney's probably has live blues, and Harry's and Harpo's are also good.

The Plaza has plenty of places, too-- more of the restaurants that act as bars after 10 variety-- but Brio, O'Dowds, The Granfallon, Tomfooleries, Kona, Reverse...

Martini Corner (31st & Oak) has a set of 4 bars or so that are alright-- Sol Cantina and the Velvet Dog are usually pretty good time.

There's plenty of other great places throughout the city, but with a varied group those are probably your best bets.

For Johnson Country-- there are bars, but more of the strip mall and restaurant variety. If you're set on not going in the city, post where you are, and I'll dig up some places near by, but it's not going to be anything terribly exciting.
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Oh, and the 75th Street Brewery is pretty awesome as well, and depending on how you're getting into the city may be closer to where you are, though it's only a 10 minute drive or so from the Plaza area.
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Hey if you're still reading this Paddy O'Quiggley's caters to us under 30s in Johnson County. It is at 119th and Mission just north of the Town Center development (and opposite the Apple Store). In fact there's also a wine bar and several bars across the street in the Apple Store complex but it is hit or miss in terms of age. Once in while Paddy O's will decide to get a country act in and it all goes to shit, but if you're hotel is near and you don't feel like making the trek north it is by far the best option. The whole area besides that is rather expensive to just go drinking, not conducive to prowling and definitely over-40 and graduate degree.

I agree that Westport is enjoyable now that P&L is open, and it is very crawable. The bridge and tunnel crowd goes to P&L, which is sort of like a Disneyworld of corporate bars, but it does attract large crowds. Record Bar (Westport) and Czar Bar (downtown south of P&L) are definitely the best live music venues and if you're into indie/hipster music you really need to pay them a visit.

Oh and it is Bastille Day or Bastille Day Weekend and Le Fou Frog in the city market is an amazing place to be. Not a bar, but it does get kind of a party atmosphere late at night and the food is great (and if you're traveling on expense accounts definitely go to Bluestem).

Feel free to MeMail me if you'd like more suggestions.
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And a little Johnson County secret is that all the really good restaurants on 39th Street have a location in Mission Farms (Blue Khoi is great and Blanc Burger and Bottle was named best burger in Missouri recently ... Room 39 is upscale but good). You could go there and then head down to the bars just a little bit south. It is definitely low key compared to the bar crowds in midtown and Westport, but sometimes that's sort of the point.
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This may be too late but you might try www.yelp.com. They have a small presence in KC and my wife likes to review on there.

I also agree with the previous posters. I prefer McCoy's and the Foundry and blanc in Westport. 75th street brewery has some great beers. The food and bar area aren't too bad either.
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Some of us ended up in Westport last night and it was a hoot! Others went to P&L because "that's where everyone goes." We found out that was the hype, but not the reality. They said it was glitzy and should be seen, but I think I have in other forms in other cities.

Tonight, a couple of us plan to go to Paddy O'Quigley's and maybe over to 75th Street Brewery (Thanks, Geoff!).

I'm open to other suggestions, even meeting up with a KC MeFite for a drink or two.

Still blown away with K.C. except for -------- the heat(!)
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