I need a low-end digital voice recorder!
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Please help me purchase a reasonably priced, low-end digital voice recorder [m.i.]

I am looking to purchase (before Monday) a low-end, no frills, digital voice recorder, but research is difficult online because the spec descriptions are limited, and I’m unfamiliar with the product.

We are a scrappy non-profit, so we just need the basics. I am allowed to spend between $50-$100 USD. I will need it for work to record 1-2 hour interviews with around 12 authors over the next 2 years. The interviews will then be transferred to my computer, edited, and used as mp3 files to put on our website.

I'm lamely unfamiliar with voice recorder technology, so a bonus would be towards ease of file transfer to my computer. We don't have an IT department either, so I need to be able to troubleshoot myself. Should I look for specifically a flash card or a USB option? Specific bundled software? How exactly do these things work? HALP!
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I've bought two models recently, one for personal use and one for work. For work, I got this Sony ICD-ST25 ($150), and am very pleased with it. For myself, I went low-end and got this Cubig R230, and have not been pleased with it. In WinXP, I haven't been able to get it to connect through USB, and I think it's download software caused me to blue screen repeatedly. (I uninstalled it along with other stuff, so I don't know if this was the culprit, and the problem went away.) In looking around, I didn't see anything in the $50-$100 range that could connect to a PC through USB.

What you might consider, if it's feasible for what you're doing, is seeing if you can get a laptop with a mic input, and record directly to the laptop.
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Oh, I forgot to add, I sent Cubig a request for assistance for transferring through USB two weeks ago, and haven't heard back.

I'm planning on sending it back tomorrow or next week, so I'm also keen for low-end alternatives.
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Gateway DMP-210 4-in-1 128MB Music Player - $50
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For simplicity's sake, you might just want to get a minicassette recorder (or something) and just record it onto the computer afterwards. Would also be the cheapest solution. Just make sure it has a Line Out jack.
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My advice for DVRs from a past question is here. Some of it won't suit your budget but you might want to give it a read anyway.
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I just bought an Olympus VN-240PC on sale at Comp USA for $50.00. It came with all the stuff to xfer the sound files via USB to my PC. Downside - xfer software is PC only. It's easy to use. I'm happy. I think it will hold about two hours worth of audio. The memory is not expandable.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Regardless, I went to Staples tonight and got a Panosonic IC Recorder RR-US360 for about $75.00. But i just read reviews on amazon, and about half said that the software is crap, and the support is non-existant. I might stop at comp usa on my way into work and get the Olympus VN that you (shino-boy) recommended. We will see, we will see...
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