Do you spy the spy?
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Help me find this essay about a spy...

A while ago I read an essay online about a somewhat famous blogger/writer who focused on espionage. I'm pretty sure the essay was published on Radar-Online, probably two or three years ago. The person writing the essay talked about how interviewing the espionage writer was very much like dealing with a spy--they were secretive and wanted to only meet in certain places and generally acted paranoid and had a very interesting, murky past. The essay was fairly long. If you read the essay too and could point me to where it was, that would be great. But guesses as to who it could be about are welcome too. Thanks!
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Best answer: John Young from Cryptome...the Radar piece isn't up, but Young's feisty, crotchety opinion about the whole thing is.
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Best answer: It was by John Cook, now an investigative journalist for Gawker. That and other Radar pieces (like one I wrote) have since been yanked by Zombie Radar, the new regime that has converted the site to a gossip-only format. But it should be available in the print edition, if you can find back issues somewhere.
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Response by poster: Thanks to both of you, I found the article on Thanks!
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