How can I watch the discontinued Russian car chase game show "Perexvat/Intercept"?
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How can I watch the discontinued Russian car chase game show "Perexvat/Intercept"?

Перехват/Intercept was a Russian game show broadcast from 97-98. Its premise was that contestants, or "thieves" would be given a brand new car installed with a tracking device. If the thief managed to evade police for a full 35 minutes, he would win a brand new car. Few ever managed to win, but apparently they did come up with quite ingenious ways of evading the police (like driving onto trains or boats).

So far I've only found one Time article from 1998 and everything else on the web has been referencing it. I haven't had much luck on the Russian web; there's a Wikipedia article that doesn't contain much more info than the Time article.

What I'm really looking for is some video of this show. Does anyone know where I could stream or download some episodes?
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Best answer: Searching "Перехват 1997" on


The links at the bottom appear to work, but I haven't checked the files. There are enough references to this, so if those links don't work, try searching the major Russian sites:,, any of the major Russian forums perhaps (see -- I'm guessing here since I'm not Russian.
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Response by poster: Excellent! It's on if anyone's interested.
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