Any good Software Update Monitor for Mac?
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Is there any good Software Update Monitor for Mac? I'm looking to something like Update Notifier or SUMo for Windows. The ideal would be something that lets users maintain an online list of freeware apps and then monitors new versions of these apps, so it can check if the user's computer versions are up to date.
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Don't know how comprehensive these are compared to the Windows apps you mentioned -- check out the Dashboard widgets Application Update and Widget Update.
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You want the MacUpdate stuff.
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Best answer: AppFresh
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MacUpdate Desktop
VersionTracker Pro

I have zero experience with either, despite even knowing the owner of as a personal friend.

There was another third-party product like these two that was released awhile back but I"m having difficulty recalling its name. If it comes to me, I'll post back another comment.

In some environments (like a school), if you've deployed management and maintenance software like JAMF's Casper Suite, there are tools for checking installed versions. Apple Remote Desktop's Admin software will also pull a report from clients and let you see installed versions.
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Ugh...yes...should have previewed first. AppFresh is the other product I was trying to recall.
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AppFresh is pretty bad. I've never had much luck with it. It'll either A) not find the apps needing updating, B) refuse to update an app you know needs an update or C) crash

VersionTracker Pro is pretty bad. I use it. But hate it. It'll either A) report that apps need updating when they dont, B) find too many damn apps and kernel extensions and plugins - including apple's/microsofts/adobes stuff C) crash constantly.

Not tried MacUpdate's solution so don't know.

Also keep your eye on - I've got a demo of it and it looks great. Smart developers too. it's opt in - so only developers using bodega will have apps updateable by it - but as AppFresh and VersionTracker Pro seem to prove - that isn't a bad idea.
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I've actually had pretty good luck with AppFresh. There are some apps it doesn't work with, but you know what those are.

The only way that software updating really works is if you have a central repository, like the iTunes store or Debian depositories, and I'm not sure that's a worthwhile tradeoff.
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Response by poster: I've just tried AppFresh. It is exactly what I was looking for. It detected all relevant piece of software I have on my machine.
Thanks guys!
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