What Public Radio station doesn't interrupt Morning Edition & All Things Considered with local programming?
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What public radio stations, with an internet stream, broadcast NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered without local programming segments?

I listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered, but don't care for the locally generated content. (I get my local news elsewhere, and the quality of the local programming isn't that great/of interest.)

So I'm looking for an MP3 stream of a station that doesn't have any local parts that interrupt ME and ATC.

I found a small station that did this (at least with Morning Edition), but I can't remember what it was.

Podcasts aren't available for ME and ATC. I'm also interested in listening to this "live" so a podcast wouldn't suffice.
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Maybe I'm missing something in your question because my answer seems way to simple.

NPR.org has a stream of all their shows. ME and ATC are broken into each segment, but if you click "Listen to Today's Show" it automatically plays all the segments in order, with no local programming.
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KUAF generally doesn't have any local segments. This summer I've been listening to KBIA frustratedly as they run over the national content.
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@whodatninja NPR doesn't post the audio for ME and ATC until after it has been broadcast in most markets. (The local stations pay NPR for ME and ATC, so they'd get mad if NPR made it available live or via podcast.)

I'm interested in listening live while I'm in the shower, or on my iPhone during my drive to work. (Also, last time I checked, their website uses Flash for their streaming audio, so it won't work on the iPhone.)
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I have six or seven stations on my other computer I can post tomorrow but I found them by googling for mp3 npr streaming radio and they were fairly easy to find. if you are using something like winamp, you can save the list of stations as a file to reload into your player. I have both east and west coast stations saved so that I can catch early or later broadcasts.
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I believe NPR news without the local content is against the rules of NPR, for the same reason you're asked to pledge to local stations instead of the national organization. (Sometimes, I don't like it either.)
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Any radio station that broadcasts has at least identify themselves periodically during the broadcast, so there's no way to get a simulcast from a local station without that. And most of them tend to insert weather, traffic, local contributor announcements, etc. I've never seen a station with an Internet feed without this, since they just simulcast their local broadcast -- doing otherwise is a pain in the neck, especially for poorly-staffed NPR affiliates.

So unless you are prepared to live with five minutes of local content every hour or so (like with KCRW), you're out of luck.
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I don't think wuntu is asking for something completely bare of local radio identification and what not, but rather, not a local station where they run their own eight minute segments about some local news or another. For example, I detest the radio postcards by KBIA of Columbia, Mo, which often could be shortened considerable, but seem to run on forever. Nothing pisses me off quicker than hearing ATC or ME start their broadcast giving a rundown of the stories coming up, and then not hearing one of those stories because the local NPR folks want to run something else of theirs instead. So I certainly sympathize with the OP, and I hope KUAF will meet their needs. Like most now, you can pick from three channels - the regular channel, the classical music channel, and news / talk channel.
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