How to add languages to a MediaWiki?
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Is there an online idiot's guide to adding another language to a MediaWiki?

I am a total newbie who, with the help of a tech savy friend, got a small wiki up and running. I am using it to describe some under-documented indigenous language which I am researching as part of my dissertation, and it is quickly growing. For now it is in English, but eventually I would like to grow it to be in Spanish, Portuguese, and even the native language itself.

I checked out a bunch of links online and I see they are instructions, but they seem especially complicated, and involve a lot of stuff I don't understand.

Does anyone know of instructions with a simple step-by-step process detailing how to do this? I feel over my head...

Thanks a lot!
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Your best bet is to probably go to MediaWiki, which is the wiki for, erm, MediaWiki.
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